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NEMA 2021 Meeting of the States – June 29th – July 1st 2021

Lexington, Kentucky will be the place to be June 29-July 1 for the NEMA 2021 Meeting of the States. NEMA is bringing state directors and senior staff together to discuss the most pressing issues of the day, what comes next, and the future of emergency management in a complex and changing world.  USC is excited to take part in this meeting and share our innovative solutions for medical, housing, offices, moving & storage, warehousing, command centers, military and drive-thru operation facilities as well as refrigerated storage.

SSAA Polar Bear Presentation – June 17 2021

POLAR BEAR® REFRIGERATED WALK-IN CONTAINERS USC has been a pioneer in developing the USC Polar Bear® Refrigerated Walk-In Containers for use for portable and stationary storage solutions. We provide one stop shopping turn-key solutions for both refrigeration and walk-in freezer/cooler containers, including the innovation of a Dual use refrigeration system that can be both a freezer and a cooler. The USC Polar Bear® Refrigerated Walk-In Containers can be any size you need and the exterior and interior can be customized for your operations.

IAEM Reimagined Encore Virtual Show – June 7-8th 2021

USC is honored to be included as a Powerhouse sponsor for the IAEM Reimagined Encore Virtual Show June 7-8, 2021.  This show will include two days of presentations and training courses. During day one, 15 speakers from the 2020 IAEM Reimagined Conference will return for encore presentations providing fresh materials or new presentations. Day Two will include a range of one-, two-, and four-hour training courses, offered at no additional cost.

FEDESSA Online Conference Oct. 6-7th 2020

6 – 7 October 2020 - Online Conference Platform. Following feedback from members and the success of previous online events, the FEDESSA board has decided to hold the first ever Online European Self Storage Conference. Delegates and sponsors will also have the opportunity to organize meetings online the day before and after the event. USC will be attending this conference.


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