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Why do Big Box Stores need to rent containers ?2020-06-04T14:15:10+00:00

Big Box Stores rent hundreds of thousands of containers a year to store inventory at their Stores because they do not have enough in house space to house inventory especially during the larger holidays and Back-to-school rushes. One particular very popular Big Box store chain rents approximately 100,000+ containers a year to store inventory in storage containers at their various stores! These stores do not rent these containers to the public, they are only for their inventory storage.

What size containers do most of the Bigger Box Stores rent ?2020-06-04T14:17:23+00:00

While needs for retailers will vary, traditionally Big Box Stores rent 20’ and 40’ ISO ocean containers for their rental programs.

How can I rent a 40’ USC container to these Big Box Y.O.U. Partners ?2020-06-04T14:19:49+00:00

USC has invented a patent-pending “USC Container Connecting System” that allows you to join two USC containers together to create one 40’ storage space.  We sell it as an option for the these Big Box potential rentals or for many other uses to expand container options.

What can I do to be ready to try to get some of this container rental business through the Y.O.U Program?2020-06-04T14:23:20+00:00

You need an available inventory of USC containers with the USC Heavy-Duty Security Door Locking System and the willingness to grow these potential partnerships.

What is the USC Heavy-Duty Security Door Locking System ?2020-06-04T14:38:39+00:00

It is USC’s super secure yet easy to use Cylinder Lock Hasp and a Lock Box style locking system seen here:

How do I know if the Y.O.U Program Partner Stores near me will need to rent containers ?2020-06-04T14:26:18+00:00

USC has the inside track on many of the largest chains in north America. We will provide our Y.O.U. Program partners with this information and USC will continue to work hard to find other future avenues for continued success for Y.O.U.

How much can I rent my USC containers for to these Big Box retailers ?2020-06-04T14:27:46+00:00

You will be competing against ocean container rental companies, so distance to the Store and availability will have a big role in pricing. USC will provide you with details regarding competitor pricing and the estimated pricing we gave some of these Companies for USC containers.

How do I contact the Stores in my area ?2020-06-04T14:28:37+00:00

USC will help you do that by providing you with that information, and we will help you call the Stores to learn when they will need USC containers.

Can I buy the “USC Container Connecting System” and/or the “USC Heavy-Duty Security Door Locking System” without doing any rental business ?2020-06-04T14:31:17+00:00

Yes! These amazing options are available to USC customers on any order! Please reach out to us for further information on how these devices can save  you money, time & bring you convenience you never thought possible in storage containers.

How can I start my journey with USC & this new business ?2020-06-04T14:32:36+00:00

Just call USC today and speak with Peter or Sam who will help set you on the path to realizing new business opportunities with USC services, products & your new inside track with our Y.O.U. Program.

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