USC has been a pioneer in developing the USC Polar Bear® Refrigerated Walk-In Containers for use for portable and stationary storage solutions.

We provide one stop shopping turn-key solutions for both refrigeration and walk-in freezer/cooler containers, including the innovation of a Dual use refrigeration system that can be both a freezer and a cooler.

The USC Polar Bear® Refrigerated Walk-In Containers can be any size you need and the exterior and interior can be customized for your operations.

We can also provide insulated panel systems for large warehouse refrigeration projects.

Please contact us for your refrigeration needs so we can customize a solution just for you.

Also introducing our Polar Bear® Portable Freezer/Coolers for Medical Use VACCINE TRANSPORT & STORAGE CONTAINERS

Logistic Problem Solving Advantages Include:

  • Vaccine Transportation Storage: Transport vaccines from Vaccine Manufacturers to Distribution Centers by plane, truck, rail or ocean using Polar Bear® Portable Freezer/Coolers.
  • Vaccine Distribution Storage: Store vaccines at Distribution Centers either outdoors or indoors using Polar Bear® Portable Freezer/Coolers.
  • Faster Higher Volume Vaccine Operations: Save time using the same vaccine storage for both transport and then on-site storage. The Polar Bear® Portable Freezer/Coolers provide easier and faster logistics and is scalable to handle any volume required.

Key Features Include:

  • Dual Temp Freezer works for both -80°C & -20°C Vaccine Storage
  • Dual Temp Freezer/Cooler provides for both -20°C & 2°C Vaccine Storage
  • Fork Lift Sleeves
  • Detachable Wheels
  • Backup Generator Options Available